The Unstoppable Podcast hosted by Anthony Robles presented by SafeStreets

The Unstoppable Podcast hosted by Anthony Robles, presented by SafeStreets is meant to inspire. On life’s journey we all wrestle with challenges, but it’s how you overcome those obstacles to achieve success that defines you. What amazing things will you achieve by choosing to be UNSTOPPABLE? Anthony lives his life believing that he is UNSTOPPABLE and now he wants you to know that you can be UNSTOPPABLE too. This podcast is a casual conversation that shares stories of unstoppable people overcoming the things that stood between them and their dreams. Anthony has created this podcast to encourage others to act and conquer the fears and circumstances that hold them back.


May 12th, 2021

Kevin Atlas  was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and  left arm resulting in him losing the lower part of his arm . Kevin didn’t  allow this challenge to stop him from not only participating but excelling in basketball where he would learn “the power of the nub”.In this episode Kevin and Anthony talk about the importance of self acceptance , why we should strive to live outside of our comfort zones and turning  what others might see as weaknesses into strengths.


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