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The Unstoppable Podcast hosted by Anthony Robles, presented by SafeStreets is meant to inspire. On life’s journey we all wrestle with challenges, but it’s how you overcome those obstacles to achieve success that defines you. What amazing things will you achieve by choosing to be UNSTOPPABLE? Anthony lives his life believing that he is UNSTOPPABLE and now he wants you to know that you can be UNSTOPPABLE too. This podcast is a casual conversation that shares stories of unstoppable people overcoming the things that stood between them and their dreams. Anthony has created this podcast to encourage others to act and conquer the fears and circumstances that hold them back.


March 9th, 2021


Thurl  Bailey was a starting forward on the N.C. State Mens basketball team that was coached by the legend Jim Valvano and famous  for their unforgettable NCAA tournament run in 1983 where they would ultimately win the NCAA  championship and shock the sports world .

He would later go on to have an impressive career in the NBA with the Utah Jazz  .Thurl accomplished so much in his basketball career, but before he could live his dream on the court, he had to first  figure out how to   actually get on the court and overcome the challenge  of  being cut from his middle school basketball team two years in a row. In this episode Thurl shares with Anthony the concept of seeing ourselves and others through the right lens, the importance of preparation, and  putting yourself in positions to win. He also shares a cool story about first meeting Coach V and recalls the time he made the team practice cutting down the net. 


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